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Methodology of the translators

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  1. We will be translating the meaning of the explanation rather than translating the explanation verbatim.

  2. We will exclude anything that we deem irrelevant for the English reader, and beginner level student of knowledge such as in-depth discussion of language related issues, or issues surrounding the narrators, etc

  3. Any narrations that Ibn Hajar himself classifies as weak will be removed from the translation.

  4. All text from Sahih Bukhari will appear in yellow, while explanation of Ibn Hajar will appear in gray.

  5. We will rely on Sahih International for translations of the Holy Quran.

  6. We will rely on M. Muhsin Khan’s translation of the actual hadith in Bukhari, to facilitate the meaning for the reader.

  7. Any information that we deem relevant for the reader to understand the explanation of the hadith that we add, not included in the author’s explanation, will be added as a footnote.

  8. Any questions surrounding the explanations of the hadith will be presented to the scholars in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, and answers will either be posted on the wordpress, or emailed back to the questioner.


Explanation of Sahih Al-Bukhari

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This blog will be dedicated to translating the meaning of the explanation of Imam Ibn Hajar’s Fath Al Bari, the most well known explanation of Sahih Al-Bukhari. Within a few days the introduction and translation of the meaning of the first few narrations will be available.  With the aid of Allah we will continue to upload the translation of the meaning of a few narrations every couple days.

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Follow along with us for new audio and video presentations.

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One of the Salaf said, “Fear Allah to the degree of his power over you and be modest of Allah to the degree of his nearness to you.”

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