Chapter 2-Book of Faith

Hadith 8Islam is based on five (principles)”

Hadith 9Faith (belief) consists of more than sixty branches…”

Hadith 10 – “The Muslim…tongue and hand Muslims are safe…”

Hadith 11“Which Islam is best?…”

Hadith 12“Which aspect of Islam is best?…”

Hadith 13“…loves for his brother what he loves for himself”

Hadith 14“None of you believe until I am more beloved…”

Hadith 15 – “None of you believe until I am more beloved…”

Hadith 16 – “…three attributes…sweetness of belief…”

Hadith 17 – “Love for the Ansar is a sign of eemaan…”

Hadith 18 (coming soon)

Hadith 19 – “The time will soon come when…”

Hadith 20 – “I am the most knowledgeable of you about Allah”

Hadith 21 – “…three attributes…sweetness of belief…”

Hadith 22When the people of paradise enter it…”

Hadith 23 – “While I was asleep (in a dream) I saw some people…”

Hadith 24 – “Leave him. Modesty is part of eemaan.”

Hadith 25 – “I have been commanded to fight the people until…”

Hadith 26 – “Belief lies in accordance with the words of Allah…”

Hadith 27 — “When (A person’s) Islam is not genuine…”

Hadith 28 – “Whoever possesses three has attained eemaan…” 

Hadith 29 – “I was shown the fire and most of its inhabitants…”

Hadith 30 – “You are a man who still has…jahiliya (ignorance)…”  …and Hadith 31 – “When two Muslims fight each other…”


2 Responses to “Chapter 2-Book of Faith”

  1. Asalaamu ‘alaikum,

    Please keep these translations going constantly jazakumullaah khairan.

    They are going to be invaluable insha’Allaah. We have already used some quotes and referenced to this site barakAllaahu feekum.

    wa salaam

  2. Keep these translations coming along regularly may Allaah reward you with al-Firdaws and keep your affairs straight.

    Jazakumullah khair

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